Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers And Menara Tower.

You are in Kuala Lumpur. Already good! But how to feel yourself at Seven heaven?

I think we need to introduce criminal penalties for bad articles. Bad authors steal our time by their bad texts. That means their becoming complicit in our murder. It is necessary to send these authors in jail, confiscate all the property for the benefit of readers, and send their wives to work in the sex services. In favor of the readers.

On the day when such punishment to impose, I stop writing. Just in case! I am a good writer, but it is better to err! Yes, and I have no wife. And property. I’m just a wandering businessman. All that I have, it’s an experience and memories. These I will share with you and try to put in the articles all my soul.

My first article on the beloved city of Kuala Lumpur, published in the journal «Travelicious.World». Read and (hopefully) enjoy you can HERE (PUSH IT NOW). If you like it, subscribe to my updates! Good luck