What’s Up?

No one comes back from a trip the same. Никто не возвращается из путешествия прежним.

Hi, I'm Russian and I'm businessman-tramp. I travel, do business and write about it here on my blog and publish some my articles on travel magazines. I went to travel and look for answers to questions about...


how to conquer laziness, how to become better every day without much effort, how to learn something new without push yourself,  how to do business and make money in traveling, how I can do only what I want and how to be happy every day. Sounds like a standard set from an average book of motivation, right? Perhaps it is because that as a child I was bitten by the business coach. But do not worry, I'm not a "one more" coach, not a teacher, not an expert and not a psychologist. I will not teach you. I would show that travel and earn perhaps not as difficult the way, as many of us think. I deliberately began the way with a zero budget, and sometimes I will publish my results and report, what I did for this. My blog - my tool to make money.

What can you get?

- You can extend your life by reading the ridiculous reports about my travels.
- You can earn $ 50 for most ridiculous comment to one of my articles.
- You can do the same as I do. Travel and earn using your own site.
- You can purchase in my shop cool T-shirts and other gadgets for travel.
- You can find your name on the main page of my blog if you become one of the sponsors.
- You can become my good friend.
- You can everything! Everything in your power!

What next? Что дальше?

Join my journey, and the first find out, which methods really work and which places you should to visit, before becoming a superman. (Присоединяйтесь к моему путешествию, и первыми узнайте, какие методы действительно работают и какие места вы должны посетить, прежде, чем стать сверхчеловеком.)